HDMG’s Fitness Zone Empowers Employees And Promotes Wellness

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Improved energy. Fun challenges. Better health. These are just some of the benefits that High Desert Medical Group (HDMG) employees gain at HDMG’s Fitness Zone – an in-house, full-service gym. Daily classes focus on employee wellness, designed to accommodate diverse interests, including Zumba, Tabata, and Body Sculpting.

“In healthcare, we focus on providing quality care, but we don’t always pay attention to our own body mechanics. We give even better care when we, ourselves, are healthy,” says Blake Mays, HDMG Fitness Manager.

To best facilitate care for all employees, the Zone provides extended fitness hours and express lunch classes. Throughout the year, many events are designed to encourage participation. For example, during the Winter Olympics, the Zone encouraged group “Olympic Walks” and wellness challenges.

Natalie Muth, RN and Clinical Manager, testifies to her own transformation, “A few exercises resulted in losing a total of 30 pounds. People do lose weight and they do gain more energy. I am grateful that HDMG provides this opportunity. They are investing in their people while accommodating schedules. They understand that we work.”

“It takes a little commitment, and a little courage for regular fitness. Through this program, I have seen many employees grow in confidence as they realize how much they can do,” Blake added.

Jane Frye, RN and Director of In-Home Care Services, proves that at the age of 67 and being a cancer survivor does not limit her ability to exercise. She has outperformed her younger peers during the Fall Into Fitness challenge. “Faith and fitness improved my outlook. I feel stronger, and healthier, in my psyche and in my immune system. It’s just good for me.”

HDMG’s program can be personalized for each employee. “After Blake and I discussed my goals, he recommended that I do Zumba on a rebounder — a small trampoline that reduces shock to the joints. Now we have rebounders for all the classes,” said Lezlie Licciardi, Senior Executive Assistant to Medical Director Charles Lim.