HDMG Patient Testimonial – Elisabeth Fox

Friday, July 17, 2020

Elisabeth Fox is happy that she has been one of Dr. Mihir Patel’s patients for about 18 years. When she learned that he was practicing with High Desert Medical Group, she also joined the group to receive her health care.

Recently, she had symptoms that prompted Dr. Patel to direct her into the HDMG Urgent Care.

“It was a busy day, and there were quite a few people, but it was orderly, and not an extraordinary wait,” she recalled. Born at the end of 1931, Elisabeth Fox believes that when service is good, that it should be remarked upon.

“Dr. Grimm, in the Urgent Care really impressed me,” she said. She was impressed, she said, “with all that he was doing. I felt that in a short amount of time, he did an extraordinary amount of testing.”

Elisabeth Fox attributed her good outcome to Dr. Patel’s “decisive action and sound advice.

“I was very fortunate that my physical distress coincided with our scheduled tele-appointment,” she said.

Fox said she followed Dr. Patel’s advice “and reported to the Urgent Care where I received outstanding care, far superior to a hospital emergency room.

“I trust you received the results of the tests. A lot of work was done by Dr. Grimm and his medical team during a relatively short stay. I was truly impressed with the array of technical capabilities at the Urgent Care Center, but most of all, the truly caring professional treatment I received.”

As Fox shared, during a time of high tension and stress related to all the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was a relief to receive quick, and effective care. She said she experienced a good outcome.

“I wish you all good health,” she said. “Thank You.”